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Benefits of ERP

ERP software manages a number of business operations through streamlining and automation.The software provides a complete 360 degree view into the ins and outs  of a business. With the help of this software businesses can improve their efficiency as well as productivity.These overall improvements in business improve customer service and growth. The primary ERP benefits are:

·         Competitive advantage :ERP software implementation can help in keeping the business ahead in  the competitive market.Businessmen can no longer afford to make costly mistakes that can put them far behind in  the business market.

·         Improved process efficiency:An ERP software solution eliminates repetitive processes and reduces manual data input which increases productivity as well as eliminates incorrect data input.

·         Department collaboration :Collaboration among departments is necessary because business projects involve more than one department.Thus ERP software solution provides an opportunity for department collaboration.

·         Integrated information:ERP software helps in integrating all the necessary business information at a single location.

·         Cost savings :ERP software helps in managing  expenditure.

·         Mobility :ERP software allows users to access the database from anywhere and from any device.

·         Increase productivity :ERP helps in saving time and increasing productivity of a business.

·         Flexibility:Modern ERP software is flexible and configurable.

·         Customer service :High quality customer service can be provided with the help of ERP system.

·         Data reliability:ERP provides reliable data and improves data accuracy and consistency.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP ?

Enterprise resource planning  (ERP) is a business concept  used by companies to manage and integrate the important functions of their businesses.The ERP system can also integrate planning,sales,marketing,finance,customer service and human resources.ERP integrates all the business processes of an organization like ERP for discrete manufacturing, process based manufacturing,ERP for service centers,import,export,construction companies,preschool chains,retail chains and tour and travels to enhance the efficiency and maintain the competitive position in the global market.ERP has evolved from a system known as manufacturing requirement planning.ERP can also be called as business operating system.ERP system also known as an ERP suite is made up of different applications that communicate with each other and share a database.There are certain core processes that run a business.They are finance, HR, manufacturing,supply chain and services.The function of ERP is to basically integrating these processes into a single system.New ERP systems use the latest technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.ERP software consists of multiple enterprise software modules that are individually purchased .

There are various new computing trends that have an impact on the growth of ERP software.

The ERP software enables greater accuracy and collaboration between the organisation's departments.ERP systems thus allow reports to be generated from a single centralized system.

Executives and business owners won't have to rely on multiple programmes due to ERP software.Thus data migration and analysis have  not become too complex and time consuming.